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Our luxurious leather straps are treated using the highest-quality tanning methods. Variations and imperfections are characteristic of genuine tanned leather products, which may darken, fade or change in colour and texture over time. This is evidence of the leather’s purity, not a defect, fault or quality issue. We consider the natural ageing process as part of the beauty of organic materials. In order to preserve your leather, we recommend treating your strap with a leather protector before wear to provide resistance against dirt and moisture. Remember to keep your leather strap away from intense sunlight, heat, water, humidity, makeup and perfume to prevent any damage or marking. When it comes to removing small stains, we suggest gently wiping the leather with a soft, thoroughly wrung cloth and mild soapy water. Repeat using clean water. Straps are not covered under warranty, but we do hold a limited stock of replacement straps that are available to purchase. You should expect to have to replace your straps every 6-12 months. Back to top

Some of our watch straps are interchangeable to fit other models of the same size. Please note that not all straps are suitable for changing at home, some will require taking to your local jewellers for fitting

Links can be removed from all bracelet models.

Position a flathead screwdriver (or other adjustment tool) in the slot on the clasp, as shown. Lift the bar in the direction facing away from the straight pin. Ensure that the tool handle points towards the watch case.(Pressing the adjustment tool against the straight pin may bend and destroy it. Please take care when doing this.) Slide the adjustable buckle to the desired position and, finally, press the clasp closed.

Olivia Burton uses the best plating methods available, but it is the nature of plating to wear over time, especially when it comes into contact with body creams and perfumes. To keep your watch looking pristine, we always recommend removing your watch when it may come into contact with water, perfumes and body creams. Please note: Rose-gold plating is, by nature, less durable and will fade quicker over time.

Your watch has a water-resistant rating of 1ATM or 10m (1 Bar), making it suitable for everyday use and resistant to modest water/rain splashes. To prolong your watch’s lifespan, we always recommend removing it before swimming, showering and bathing. It’s also vital to take off your watch before entering a steam room or a sauna. Extreme heat can cause watch seals to expand and create openings for water droplets to penetrate inside the design. Please note: any water damage to your watch is not covered under warranty.

If your watch experiences a sudden change in temperature or pressure, you may notice condensation appearing under the crystal glass. This generally disappears by itself if left alone. Please do not attempt to aid this by exposing your watch to heat to dry it out, as this may damage the watch and will only cause the condensation to persist.

Olivia Burton offers a limited warranty of defects in materials and workmanship for a period of two (2) years after original purchase if purchased from an official Olivia Burton stockist after 1st July 2016. If watches have been purchased prior to 1st July 2016, a one (1) year warranty is in place. The warranty does not cover batteries, glass, plating, straps or accidental damage caused by lack of care, including water penetration.

The average battery life is 12 months. All watches come with a battery saver in the crown that needs to be removed to activate the battery. To start the battery, remove the plastic tab and press the crown into the side of the case. If your watch has stopped working, it's likely the battery needs replacing. Any local independent jeweller will be able replace your battery. We offer a chargeable battery replacement service. Please contact our Customer Care team for more details. Please kindly note that battery replacements are not covered under warranty.

If your watch requires attention, please contact our Customer Care team by emailing We offer glass replacements for all sizes and styles. Our repairs team will be more than happy to provide a quote for any repair outside of warranty.

Setting the time: Pull the crown out to the 2nd position (as shown in the diagram). Turn clockwise to set the time. Push the crown into normal position to start the watch again. Setting the date: Pull the crown out to the 1st position. Turn the crown-anticlockwise until the correct date is shown. Push the crown into the normal position to start the watch again. Please note: the date can’t be set if the time is set between 9pm and 0:30am. Setting the time: Pull the crown out to the 2nd position. Turn clockwise to set the time – the 24-hour hand will change at the same time. Ensure that the 24-hour is correct am or pm. Push the crown in to normal position to start the watch again. Day Setting: Pull the crown out to the second position and turn the crown clockwise. Keep turning and – every 24 hours – the day hand will move onto the next day. Continue until the correct day is shown. Set the time and return to the normal position. Date Setting: Pull the crown out to the 1st position. Turn the crown anti-clockwise until the correct date is shown. Push the crown in to normal position to start the watch again. Please note: the date can’t be set if the time is set between 9pm and 0:30am. Please note that the pushers placed either side of the crown on our chrono styles are for design purposes only.

hen you’re not wearing your Olivia Burton jewellery styles, we recommend keeping them stored individually in the pouches that they arrived in. If you have our bracelets or necklaces, it’s best to store these with the chains fastened to minimise any scratching or tangling. Water can discolour jewellery, so we always recommend removing it before bathing, showering or swimming. Avoid storing your jewellery in intense sunlight and away from contact with perfumes, makeup, body and sun creams as they can cause plated items to tarnish.

It’s characteristic for sterling silver jewellery to darken slightly over time. To revive your sterling silver styles, gently polish them using a silver polishing cloth. We do not recommend the use of any jewellery polishing cloths that have been treated with cleaners or polishing agents. For all other items, we recommend wiping with a soft dry cloth to help revive the shine.

To adjust the length, simply take hold of the polished round ball on the adjustable fastening and slide up or down the chain until your necklace/bracelet is at the desired length.

Small (S) = US 6 – EU 52 - UK L

Medium (M) = US 7 – EU 54.5 – UK N

Large (L) = US 8 – EU 57 - UK P

Our open ended and One Size rings come in a standard size UK N (Medium)

Open ended rings can be adjusted slightly to fit however avoid regularly or severely adjusting the size as this could cause the metal to weaken.