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Glitter Dial Gray Lilac & Pale Rose Gold

Model: OB16GD45

Glitter Dial Gray Lilac & Pale Rose Gold

Model: OB16GD45
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Enjoy complimentary strap debossing in font style NewsGothic. 2 capital letters at 18 point font on straps 20mm or wider, and 12 point font on narrower straps.

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Distinctive in its Pale Rose Gold glitter dial, this tonal timepiece is classic in its neutral palette yet standout thanks to the sparkling background. Matching markers and 34mm dial are complemented by a Gray Lilac soft leather strap. This versatile design will work for every occasion and sit beautifully alongside any outfit.

Dial pale rose gold glitter Roman
Case Diameter (mm)
Case Diameter (mm) 34
Case Material
Case Material ionic plated pale rose gold ion-plated stainless steel
Water Resistance
Water Resistance 1 ATM
Attachment Type
Attachment Type grey lilac leather
Movement Quartz movement