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Bejewelled Floral and Pearl Bee Gift Set

Model: OB16GSET24

Bejewelled Floral and Pearl Bee Gift Set

Model: OB16GSET24
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Enjoy complimentary strap debossing in font style NewsGothic. 2 capital letters at 18 point font on straps 20mm or wider, and 12 point font on narrower straps.

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TOTAL:  $160.00

Why Buy Me?

Because some things are better together.


We belong together. We've taken one of our most favorite styles from our Bejewelled Florals collection and reimagined it in our newest 34mm diameter Demi dial for the ultimate new season refresh. Accented with sparkling jewel prints and encased in shining rose gold, it seemed only natural to accompany such a jewel-obsessed style with some real gems of its own. Enter the Pearl Bee bracelet: a matching rose gold chain, featuring our signature 3D Bee embellished with a pretty little pearl that perfectly matches the dial print. It really is the perfect match.